Individual programmes

The best medical doctors in their field will assess your health status - fatigue, stress levels, sleep quality. Tailor-made individual programmes allow you to rebalance your mind and body, restore your energy levels, sleep and feel healthier using natural and healthy methods.

Longevity Programme

GOAL: Not only to extend the length of good quality life but also to ensure that we live active, productive and healthy lives as we age.
DURATION: 12 months.
METHOD: Different therapies, nutrition, physical activity, innovations in medical science, and alternative therapies are combined to achieve the set goals.
We want people to take a genuine interest in their own health, so we offer personalised individual techniques to help you develop new healthy habits, improve your overall health and maintain your well-being for as long as possible.
There are three programme options: the Longevity Beginner (Basic), Longevity Enthusiast (Standard) and Longevity Pro (Premium).

More details here: the AUM Longevity Programme brochure

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Optimal Weight Programme

The Optimal Weight Programme is not just about numbers. Optimal weight is one of the cornerstones of long-term wellbeing.
This programme is designed to assess your health status and possible disorders that affect your body weight. The focus is not only on weight management, but also on detoxifying the body, which contributes significantly to a better well-being. For those who want to incorporate more movement into their optimal weight loss journey, we also offer individual or group physiotherapy sessions and functional training.

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Slimming programme “Welcoming summer”

During the long, dark evenings of winter, many of us are naturally more sedentary, we eat more heartily, and a few layers of warm clothes comfortably hide the extra kilos weighing down our bodies. But the lazy season is over! We've developed an effective slimming programme to help you feel good and look good in the mirror.

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