AUM method

The Method At “AUM Wellness Clinic” we facilitate your personalized journey to the Best version of Self. We believe that everyone is unique and that is why we examine and heal the person in a holistic way using the most modern methods of medical diagnosis and treatment.

On top of that, we care for your Mind and Soul, offering you the best of alternative therapies. We combine their experience, applying the knowledge of holistic modern science and the most effective methods of traditional and alternative medicine. Until we find a personalised path to a happy You.

In the clinic, we follow a 6-step process that helps us to see the whole person - body, mind and soul - as well as the areas that need strengthening.


Preventive Medicine

Constant stress can turn into chronic stress, which significantly accelerates ageing. How do we manage this?

“AUM Wellness Clinic’s team of specialists design a personalised, goal-oriented programme.

The programme may be different for everyone, but the aim is the same – to delay or reverse the ageing of the body and to rejuvenate the soul by energising it.

This pathway consists of medical advice, tests, therapies, smart technologies and nutritional balance.


Healthy Nutrition

A healthy and balanced diet makes a big difference, sometimes even a miracle. How not to get lost in the plethora of advice?

Everyone is unique, so what works for one person may not work for another. An individualised diet plan is essential for quality change.

In the clinic, we will not only create a diet plan, but also teach you how to cook in special classes. And those in a hurry will always find seasonal snacks prepared according to special recipes at the AUM bar.


Esthetical Facial and Body Care

We meet according to beauty, they say. And who doesn’t want to be greeted with a warm welcome?

We create a personalised plan for each client, with the aim of achieving a healthy appearance, from face and hair to body shape.

This pathway consists of a variation of different treatment techniques and hardware treatments using the highest quality cosmetic products.


Inner Balance

Finding your own balance in today’s world is increasingly difficult. How can we help?

Based on the level of alignment, we create a set of mind-body harmonising treatments. They are the key to reducing stress and anxiety, as well as improving emotional stability.

The menu of treatments is varied (massages from different schools, spa rituals, hydrotherapy, yoga practices, meditation), but it’s the team of professionals who recommend exactly what you need for each specific case.


Movement Therapy

Physical inactivity is becoming an increasing cause of diseases of the body and soul. How do I force myself to move and do it periodically?

A movement programme tailored just for you consists of diagnoses from the latest hardware sports medicine equipment, specialist medical advice, and advice from a cardiologist, neurologist or other specialist (for specific medical conditions).

We not only help you create a personalised movement plan, but also help you implement it. “The AUM Wellness Clinic offers exercise, pilates, stretching and other classes.


AUM Academy

“The AUM Academy teaches you to pamper the best version of yourself.

The Academy’s lectures and workshops are delivered by both the clinic team and guest lecturers – world-class medical and healthy lifestyle stars.

Join now, because the knowledge of these specialists saves you health, time and money.

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