Protect your skin and it will protect you

Healthy and glowing skin at any age? Yes, of course! Cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising, nourishing and protecting the skin are the key steps we need to take to achieve this goal. This is really easy to do if you make skincare a daily ritual. Just like stopping for a cup of morning coffee or tea before diving into the day's activities. After all, we couldn't start the day without this little pleasure, could we?

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What affects our skin and how

The skin is the largest organ in our body and performs the same important functions as all other organs. It is our ever-renewing armour, protecting us from pathogens, pollution and negative environmental influences, and helping to regulate our body temperature. So we need to make sure our skin is in the best possible condition.
According to Nina Berman, face and body care specialist at AUM Wellness Clinic, sun, wind, cold, improper skin care, aggressive cosmetics such as strong scrubs, acidic cleansers, unbalance the skin, making it very reactive, sensitive, causing diseases such as dermatitis, eczema, broken capillaries and pigmentation. Stress, disturbed sleep and poor diet also play a role.
“At the clinic, we take a holistic approach – it’s important for us not only to treat people’s ailments, but also to show the connections between seemingly unrelated things. Let’s say we talk about stress all the time, but few of us know that in our mother’s belly, our skin is made up of the same cells as our nervous system. As a result, any impact on the skin has a very strong effect on the skin,” says Berman.

We can help your skin without aggressive products

It takes a long time for the skin to regain its natural state. Fortunately, our skin is perfectly capable of taking care of itself, we just need to give it the conditions to do so.
Dr Barbara Sturm believes that everyone can achieve long-lasting results by taking care of their skin without the use of aggressive ingredients and aggressive treatments. The molecular cosmetics she develops promote healing, are anti-inflammatory and do not support the “quick fix” idea that is popular today. Her approach is health-enhancing, treating the skin with respect as a vital organ.
For a well-functioning, youthful and healthy skin, Sturm suggests promoting an anti-inflammatory lifestyle: getting enough sleep and exercise, managing stress, avoiding smoking, drugs and alcohol, strengthening the immune system, using a broad-spectrum sunscreen, and following an anti-inflammatory diet rich in oily fish, berries, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and nuts. It is essential that our skin’s barrier function is strong as a shield and healthy.
Ms Berman believes that skin is our calling card: “It used to be said that we meet people by the way we dress, but now it’s not just about what we wear and what we put on, it’s also about how our skin looks. It can give us an idea of who we’re dealing with, and even help us choose a business partner. Taking care of your skin inside and out must therefore become a daily habit, just like eating or drinking water”.
Even the most beautiful flowers won’t bloom for long if you put them in a nice vase and don’t fill it with water. So take care of your skin and it will reward you with the most beautiful blossoms.

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