Movement Clinic

Movement is an important part of healing, which is why we set up the Movement Clinic. For all. Both for those who have a clear diagnosis and for those for whom life has become a constant sitting in an office chair, in a car, on a sofa. Also for those who have just started their lives and need help getting physically stronger. At the Movement Clinic, we find the right body training programme for everyone - from babies to adults. You can train individually, in groups or just within your family.

Services and pricing




Kinesiotherapy for Two People

The class is held with two people (adult and child, couple, friends) and a physiotherapist.

45 min. / 120 €

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A Follow-up Kinesiotherapy Consultation

Physical and motor progress after the initial rehabilitation plan is assessed, and a follow-up plan is developed.

25 min. / 70 €

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Private Kinesiotherapy Class

Private Kinesiotherapy class is designed to attend the needs of one person.

25 min. / 60 € 50 min. / 100 €

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Individual Kinesiotherapy Class

Kinesiotherapist applies various passive methods to restore functionality of the movement.

25 min. / 80 € 50 min. / 120 €

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Individual workout with Redcord

Exercise with Redcord sling utilises the "hanging effect" that fosters neuromuscular activation whilst ensuring a pain-free movement.

50 min. / 140 €

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Theurapeutic Massage

The application of systemic or free soft tissue pressure, stretching or other techniques to produce beneficial effects on the body or parts of the body.

20 min. / 40 € 35 min. / 70 € 50 min. / 100 €

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Application of Paraffin reduces pain caused by arthritis, bursite or chronic joint inflammation. Improves blood circulation. Relaxes muscles and reduces muscle cramps.

25 min. / 25 €

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Ultrasound Therapy (Zimmer)

It is used for various joint injuries, ligament sprains, inflammations, after orthopaedic surgery.

5-15 min. / 25 €

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Cryotherapy / Diathermy Therapy (Zimmer)

Treatment is applied for various pains, bruises or swelling, after injuries, as a prevention against hematomas.

7-10 min. / 15 €

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Electric Therapy (Zimmer)

Therapy aims to reduce joint, spine and muscle pain of various origins. It improves blood circulation, restores damaged nerves, and reduces inflammatory pressure.

5-25 min. / 25 €

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Individuali workouts

Individual exercise class

chooses personally tailored workout routine.

45 min. / 120 €

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Individual prenatal exercise class

Aimed at strengthening functional muscles. During the class, a Mum-to-Be is also taught about delivery, newborn development stages and care.

45 min. / 120 €

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Private Exercise Class for a Family

Strengthens muscles, improves flexibility, balance and coordination. The workout is balanced for the whole family and everyone's needs. For groups of up to 6 people.

45 min. / 140 €

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Group workouts

Group Kinesiotherapy Class for Adults (up to 8 persons)

For those who want to get physically stronger. Training combines various rehabilitation techniques and their combinations.
Classes take place on Saturdays at 11:00.

45 min. / 40 €

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Prenatal Group Exercise (up to 6 people)

This exercise, which is exclusively for pregnant women and mums-to-be, strengthens certain muscles, and provides knowledge about childbirth, newborn care and development.

45 min. / 45 €

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Group classes

Rise and Shine

Group exercise with a trainer or physiotherapist: strengthening deep body muscles, breathing and stretching exercises.
Classes take place on Fridays at 10:00.

45 min. / 40 €

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Lunch-Afternoon for Myself

Group exercise: strengthens postural muscles, relieves tension in the shoulder girdle and waist area.
Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 noon.

45 min. / 40 €

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Peaceful Sleep

Group exercise: stretching the deep muscles of the body, relaxation, mobility and coordination exercises.
Classes take place on Tuesdays at 17:00.

45 min. / 40 €

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Children Group Exercise

Healthy Spine (7-12 years)

Group physiotherapy: strengthening postural muscles, improving balance, coordination and gait. Up to 8 children per group.

45 min. / 40 €

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Healthy Spine (13-18 years)

Group physiotherapy: strengthening postural muscles, improving balance, coordination and gait. Group of up to 8 teenagers.
Classes take place on Saturdays at 10:00.

45 min. / 40 €

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Lovely Feet

Group physiotherapy: strengthening foot muscles, improving gait. Used for flat feet, clubfoot and other foot deformities. Group of up to 8 people

45 min. / 40 €

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