Dr. Barbara Sturm Facials

Experience facial treatments designed by one of the most sought-after aesthetic doctors in the world – Dr Barbara Sturm. Dr. Barbara Sturm is a German orthopaedic surgeon and a pioneer in anti-inflammatory skin healing products. Drawing on two decades of anti-inflammatory research and practice, she created high performance, ingredient science-focused skincare regimens. Dr Barbara Sturm has earned her clinical reputation. Cult celebrities around the world use her proven methods to gain youthful, healthy and beautiful skin without surgical intervention. Dr. Sturm’s high performance skincare is science-driven. Every ingredient in the product has a scientific rationale, and there are no unnecessary or aggressive substances for the skin.

Dr Barbara Sturm’s philosophy is to empower the skin to heal for itself by providing it with needed ingredients.



Its unique, science-based products are recognised as cult favourites amongst skincare professionals and celebrities alike, and its skin healing philosophy challenges both aggressive and traditional skincare methods.

Activates and strengthens the skin’s resistance function
Improves overall skin health and skin matrix
Restores the skin’s moisture balance
Helps repair damaged skin and promote regeneration
Skin looks smoother, hydrated and healthier
Facials for men and women

Services and pricing

Men’s Facial

DR. BARBARA STURM men’s treatment is tailored to the specific needs and challenges of men’s skin. This treatment cleanses, tones and soothes irritated skin, especially after shaving. It restores moisture balance and improves the skin’s protective barrier while fighting signs of ageing, darkened eyelids and puffiness.

60 min. / 225 €

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Clarifying Facial

The treatment is designed for combination, oily and acne-prone skin. Such skin needs special attention and appropriate treatments. It is this DR. BARBARA STURM procedure helps to restore the skin’s natural pH, removes excess sebum secretion, and reduces skin irritation and redness. After the treatment, the skin looks fresh, calm and beautiful.

60 min. / 225 €

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Super Anti-Aging Facial

This treatment is for mature skin. Exclusive DR. BARBARA STURM’s Firming Facial Massage and Super Anti-Aging Facials help fight the signs of ageing, restore moisture balance, smooth fine lines, firm skin and promote regeneration.

75 min. / 295 €

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Signature Sturmglow

This treatment is suitable for all skin types. It helps restore the skin’s moisture balance and natural protective barrier, reduces signs of irritation and improves overall skin condition. The procedures use German DR. BARBARA STURM clinic developed special cleansing, exfoliation and massage techniques that help to keep the skin strong and radiant.

60 min. / 225 €

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Dr. Barbara Sturm Kobido Massage

Only at AUM you can enjoy a long tradition having Kobido massage of the face, head and nape of the neck, performed with Dr. Barbara Sturm’s exclusive cosmetics. Dr. Barbara Sturm’s cosmetics, developed from advanced science ingredients, is gentle, highly effective and free of toxic ingredients. This treatment removes fatigue and time marks and gives the face a firming effect.

70 min. / 295 €

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