Prof. Birutė Žilaitienė

Endocrinologist, andrologist

Areas of interest: reproductive endocrinology and andrology, rare endocrine diseases, thyroid diseases.

Licence No.

MPL-12027 Endocrinologist


2018 m. conferred the title of pedagogical professor

2018 m. Diploma of the European Society of Sexual Medicine as a doctor of sexual medicine

1996 m. defended her PhD thesis on "Family Infertility in Lithuania"

1992 m. qualified as an endocrinologist

1983 m. graduated from Kaunas Medical Institute


2018 m. Diploma of the European Society of Sexual Medicine as a doctor of sexual medicine

Upgrading your qualifications

2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2020 - andrology courses at European and International Congresses of Andrology, European Congress of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), European Congress of Endocrinology

2005 m. Seoul, South Korea, World Andrological Society Andrology Course

2002 m. Malmö, Sweden, European Society of Andrology Andrology Course

2000 m. Malmö, Sweden, andrology course

1999 m. Switzerland, Geneva, Geneva University Hospital and World Health Organization Course in Reproductive Medicine and Reproductive Endocrinology (1 semester, World Health Organization scholarship)

European Society of Endocrinology training courses: molecular endocrinology - 1998 Turku, Finland, 1999 Münster, Germany, clinical endocrinology - 1998 Tartu, Estonia, 2001 Kaunas, Lithuania, 2003 Riga, Latvia, 2005 Naples (Italy), 2008, 2014 - Vilnius, Lithuania (lecturer), 2016 - Tallinn, Estonia (lecturer), 2019 - Riga, Latvia (lecturer)

1996 m. Vilnius, Lithuania, Nordic and Baltic Andrology Course

1995 m. Sweden, Stockholm, Karolinska Hospital - ESHRE and WHO course "Basic semen analysis and quality control of laboratory testing"

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