Mantas Ambraška

Sports medicine doctor

Mantas Ambraška is interested in injuries related to sports and active lifestyle, pain caused by overloading, prolonged positions and innovations in their treatment. Delving into rehabilitation, prevention and longevity. He specialises in exercise dosing, lactate thresholds, their interpretation and use to improve performance in runners, cyclists, rowers, other cycling and strength sports and amateur athletes. A large part of her work time is devoted to the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal pain in sedentary or physically inactive occupations. Therefore, if you have back, neck, shoulder girdle or shoulder blade pain caused by tension or stress, it helps to choose the right exercise to relieve muscle tension and pain.

Licence No.

MPL-16583 Medical Doctor; MPL-18668 Sports Medicine Doctor


2018 m. Soft tissue and joint echoscopy, Vilnius University

2010-2013 m. Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Sports Medicine Residency

2004-2010 m. - Kaunas University of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, medical studies (Master's degree)

Upgrading your qualifications

2013-2015 m. Postgraduate studies, diploma of the International Olympic Committee in sports medicine

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