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+370 618 11108 Z. Sierakausko str. 25, Vilnius Company details
Opening hours:

Monday 9:00-21:00

Tuesday 9:00-21:00

Wednesday 9:00-21:00

Thursday 9:00-21:00

Friday 9:00-21:00

Saturday 9:00-21:00

Sunday 9:00-21:00

*March 11th Closed

Space for your car

Where to park?

How can we help?

    Entrance to the underground parking – In Sierakausko street, at the corner of house 27. There is a traffic light at the entrance to the garage.

    On arrival at the garage door, call reception on +370 618 11108.

    The visitor areas of the “AUM Wellness Clinic” are marked with “for visitors to the clinic” signs.

    You can reserve your seats by booking the service.


    The clinic locations and their access are shown on the adjacent plan.

    Registration for the visit

    To register for the service, please call or fill in this registration form and we will contact you to arrange the best time and service for you.

    Registration by phone

    +370 618 11108