Step into the realm of tranquillity and enjoy an escape from the stresses of everyday life. Our team of massage therapists aim to restore harmony to your mind, body and spirit.

Discover a range of massage therapies, whether you’re looking to relieve daily tension, muscle pain or just want some quality time for yourself. We offer a holistic approach to wellness – from a classic massage to a personalised massage tailored to your individual needs, leaving you feeling invigorated, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Feel the healing power of touch in the calm and cosy environment of the AUM Wellness Clinic.




Massage therapy offers multiple benefits for your body and mind.

Reduces muscle tension
Stimulates blood circulation
Has positive effects on mental health
Improves body flexibility
Better quality sleep
Improves immune system function

Services and pricing

Therapeutic Massage

The application of systemic or free soft tissue pressure, stretching or other techniques to produce beneficial effects on the body or parts of the body.

30 min. / 55 € 60 min. / 85 €

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Graceful Lines

The body-shaping massage refines body lines, corrects body volumes, and makes the skin supple and firm. An effective way to fight cellulite.

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Light Body

Lymphatic drainage body massage activates the lymphatic system, helps to remove toxins and excess fluids, stimulates blood circulation and improves the immune system.

90 min. / 160 €

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Eternal Classic

A classical massage relieves tension, reduces stress, relieves back and headaches, relieves spasms and restores joint mobility.

60 min. / 95 € 90 min. / 125 €

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Returning to Yourself

Swedish massage provides a deep sense of relaxation, has a therapeutic effect, stimulates blood circulation, improves joint flexibility, and moves and relaxes muscles.

60 min. / 120 € 90 min. / 160 €

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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a comprehensive way to improve the well-being of the pregnant woman and reduce muscle tension.

60 min. / 125 €

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Imperial Touch (Kobido)

Kobido is an ancient Japanese art of facial, head and neck massage. This treatment works well against aging, revitalizes and lifts the skin. It also improves hydration of the skin, prevents and reduces wrinkles and calms nervuous system. Amongst other things, Kobido is a ritual for body, mind, and spirit.

70 min. / 110 € 90 min. / 140 € 100 min. / 190 €

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AUM Personalised Massage

During a personalised massage, the therapist tailors the most suitable massage option based on the client’s needs, consisting of different massage techniques.

60 min. / 125 € 90 min. / 165 €

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The Relaxing Magic of Scents

Aromatherapy massage with hot stones activates blood circulation and lymphatic flow, relaxes muscles.

60 min. / 120 € 90 min. / 160 €

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AUM Personalised Facial Massage

A personalized face massage is performed using various methods and techniques. A variety of movements and combinations of movements make each treatment unique and tailored to the client’s needs.

60 min. / 125 €

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Individual Areas Massage

You can choose from: foot massage, leg massage, back massage, shoulder girdle massage, neck and head massage or facial massage.

30 min. / 55 € 90 min. / 125 €

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Authentic Massage

The Authentic Massage combines Lithuanian traditions, ancient recipes and the finest massage techniques. Experience the authentic relaxing peace through personalized full-body massage that meets the most subtle needs of the guest performed with Baltic amber.

90 min. / 175 €

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Dr. Barbara Sturm Kobido Massage

Only at AUM you can enjoy a long tradition having Kobido massage of the face, head and nape of the neck, performed with Dr. Barbara Sturm’s exclusive cosmetics. Dr. Barbara Sturm’s cosmetics, developed from advanced science ingredients, is gentle, highly effective and free of toxic ingredients. This treatment removes fatigue and time marks and gives the face a firming effect.

70 min. / 295 €

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Foot massage training for couples

This is a one-to-one time with your loved one during which the specialist will introduce you to foot reflexology.

60 min. / 95 €

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